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10.22.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

Army uniforms are getting a feminine touch! All the uniforms used to be unisex, and now women will have the option to wear ones that are cut to fit a woman’s body better. Awesome! Halloween is just around the corner! Do you know what you are going to be yet? A great Halloween treat toRead entire article »

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10.02.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

Paris + Fashion Week = Every Fashionista’s Dream! Fashion week in the city of love began on Tuesday, kicking off with Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli, and Hermes. Happy 5th Birthday to one of our favorite blogs to peruse, The Sartorialist! Congratulations! T+P Designer, Dolce Vita, got some face time with Kim Kardashian, who wasRead entire article »

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8.19.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Links of the Week

I die… Rachel Zoe’s high school year book photo. Check out those bangs! Last season’s Project Runway winner Seth Aaron (who is awesome and just happens to be from Portland) is debuting his line at Portland Fashion Week in October. I am definitely going to have to check it out! Target collaborates with T+P designerRead entire article »

How To Be Campfire Cute

7.14.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley What to Wear

This weekend I’m off for a little fun in the sun and nature bonding. Camping is a popular vacay option for those of us on a budget, but just because we’re sitting by the campfire doesn’t mean we have to forgo looking fabulous. Whether you’re on a boat or on the lawn of an outdoorRead entire article »

Be a Beautified Bohemian in 5 Easy Steps

6.10.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Although I’m a native of the rain drenched Pacific Northwest, I’m most definitely a sunshine girl at heart. Boots and beanies are great for a few months, but NOT for June (I mean really rainclouds, REALLY?!?). As I mournfully peer outside at the devastatingly un-summerific weather we’re currently having, my mind drifts to more happierRead entire article »

Trend of the Season: Rompers!

6.01.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Without a doubt one of the more popular trends to take off this spring and summer has been the romper. Yes, you are now allowed to dress like a 6-year-old girl and get away with it. However, most of the designs are a little bit more sassy than the ones you wore when you wereRead entire article »

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

5.18.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

I have recently developed a big love for shoes. I love them because they can be the focal point of an outfit, or they can simply be a subtle addition to an entire look that you are trying to achieve. Here are some of my favorite shoes that I have been lusting over lately! 1.Read entire article »

Dressing For an Occasion: Keep It Classic

12.10.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

With gift shopping, party planning, and vacation arranging, the holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Because of this, picking out the perfect ensemble for holiday parties can be more pressure-filled than it needs to be. If you’re in a rush and don’t know what to wear or buy for a special holidayRead entire article »