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Suit Yourself

4.04.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie How to Wear, New Trends, T+P Blog Central

Summer, sun and sand bring so much joy, but if you’re a woman planning to get some Vitamin D – this combo also brings about anxiety. The forever fashion question: which is worse, shopping for denim or swimwear?  While we can’t be sure, Tog + Porter is here to help take away at least aRead entire article »

The Always Tricky Bathing Suit

5.25.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Let’s admit it, cover-ups are the easy part. The actual bathing suit is where things begin to get difficult. Whether you prefer one-pieces or bikinis, the decision is one that can be particularly grueling, and make you leave the dressing room feeling self-conscious. I like to have different bathing suits for different activities. For example,Read entire article »

Bathing Suit Season Is Here…

5.20.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

…But maybe you aren’t. Enter the beauty of the bathing suit cover-up. If that New Year’s Eve goal to “get into shape” didn’t quite hit the ground running, there are always ways to work around the extra pounds. Cover-ups are a great way to hide your problem areas, but they are also a fun wayRead entire article »