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Camilla’s Summer Must-Haves

6.20.2013 WRITTEN BY Camilla Inspiration, Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

Hailing from the great (& HOT!) state of Texas means my go-to summer items have to not only fit the bill style wise, but keep me cool while wearing them. Each summer has me inserting a handful of key pieces into my wardrobe that I keep in constant rotation. Don’t get me wrong, there are items that continue to make theRead entire article »

Bathing Suit Season Is Here…

5.20.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

…But maybe you aren’t. Enter the beauty of the bathing suit cover-up. If that New Year’s Eve goal to “get into shape” didn’t quite hit the ground running, there are always ways to work around the extra pounds. Cover-ups are a great way to hide your problem areas, but they are also a fun wayRead entire article »