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Sweater Care

11.08.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear, T+P Blog Central

Now that we are officially well into sweater season, T+P has a few tips on how to treat your cozy knits.


The first step, know your fabrics. To prevent sweater care disasters such as shrinking and pilling, make sure you check your fabric tags first. Unless the tag says “dry clean only”, you can wash your sweater at home. Check whether the fabric is man-made or natural. Be extra gentle with natural fibers as they will shrink more than man-made ones.

Once you know your fabrics, it’s time to wash! Here are a few rules to stick to:

Hand Wash:

If you want to play it safe with your sweaters, stick to hand washing. Sweaters that are 100% natural fiber must be hand washed only. Using lukewarm or cold water, gently wash using a small amount of detergent. It’s best to wash only one sweater at a time. Gently rinse with cold water and lay flat on top of a clean towel to dry.


Machine Wash:

If your sweater is %100 man-made fibers, then you can use a washing machine. To reduce pilling, place sweater in a lingerie (mesh) bag. Only place one sweater in each bag. Set machine on gentle/perm press and be sure to stop the cycle before it goes into spin mode. Avoid the dryer, and lay the sweater flat on a clean towel to dry.

sweater 1

Follow these steps to avoid unnecessary wear and shrinkage. With the right care, a great sweater will last for years.

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