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Surviving the Heat: Formal Wear

6.27.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah Style Guide, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

Attending formal events in the summer can be fun…and hot. Sitting around in sweltering heat in a wool blazer is pretty miserable, which leads us to the question, what to wear to a formal even when its 85+ degrees outside and 100% humidity? Here’s a few tips:


1. Wear Breathable fabrics. Cottons and linens are your best friends, sure they might wrinkle, but at least you wont sweat to death.

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2. Wear sandals. Get a pedicure and sport your cutest open-toe footwear. If you really can’t stand sandals, then wear a shoe in a breathable fabric- thankfully sport-mesh is really trending right now.


3. Wear an anti-antiperspirant. Normally they aren’t very good for you (for everyday sue we recommend a natural deodorant, it’s good to sweat a little) but every now and then they are necessary.

4. Wear your hair up. If you have long hair, do yourself a favor and wear it up. That way you avoid the “drowned” look.

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5. Wear light makeup, and use blotting tissues and sweat proof mascara. Mascara such as waterproof or silicone based won’t run, and blotting tissues keep you looking fresh without caking on the powder.



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