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Don’t Be a Cliché this Valentine’s

2.12.2016 WRITTEN BY Madison Kiera Inspiration, Just for Fun

Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity for us to take a step back from the chaos of our daily lives and reconnect with what makes it all worthwhile: LOVE. Unfortunately, this holiday has become increasingly commercialized and routine. Take the unpredictable route this year and surprise your valentine(s) with something unexpected.

Create an indoor picnic for your valentine

Surprise your spouse or boyfriend with a Picnic in the Living Room.

Planned on dressing up for dinner? We say dress down. Swap the picturesque table setting for some blankets and pillows. Pick up their favorite bottle of wine and takeout, light some candles, and curl up on the living room floor. To spruce it up, divide ten to twenty flashcards between the two of you and write your most treasured memories. Then read them out loud to each other. Take it back to the day you first met, and retrace every detail. This intimate setting will allow you to focus on each other without the hustle and bustle of being in a restaurant.

Surprise Game Night for an Unexpected Valentine's Day

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Celebrate the day with your family with a Game Night.

It’s important to remember the friendship aspect of your relationship and to let each member of your family know how loved they each are.

Dedicate the night to a variety of fun games that are sure to have you and your loved ones bursting out in laughter. We recommend Twister, Catch Phrase, Pictionary or a classic game like Clue! If you prefer to make your own game, you can create a playlist with a wide variety of songs that everyone must “break out” dance to—you’ll be surprised at how broad of a spectrum you can surmise. Afterward, enjoy a meal together and tell each other what you love about one another.

Unexpected Valentine's Day Love Map

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For those apart (but never at heart), Make a Love Map.

If you’re unable to be physically near your valentine, you can still make the most of it. Plan a romantic Skype date. Make a love map visually marking all the different points in your narrative. You can do this on a tangible map or globe using pins and pictures or online using Google maps. Mark the place you first met, everywhere you’ve travelled together, and everywhere you plan to travel together in the future. Fun things to include: your first picture together, plane tickets to see each other, tickets to future concert or movie, love notes left for each other, and personal coupons for anything your mind can dream of.

It’s important to remember the original intent of Valentine’s Day–to share love and appreciation in an organic way. Ignore the conventional, and surprise your loved ones with something that expresses how well you know and care about them.

Planning to surprise your significant other or family this Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below.

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