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Sunglasses Guide Summer 2011

6.16.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

T+P Stylist & So-Cal native, Tiffany, shares her sunglasses expertise with you!

Yes…..I admit it, I am obsessed with sunglasses!  I never leave the house without them.  Personally, sunglasses are my favorite accessory.  In the morning, I‘m usually running around like a crazy person, barely having time to get dressed to get the kids out the door on time for school let alone put makeup on. So, I rely on my favorite pair of sunglasses to take me from drab to fab in a split second.  A great pair of sunglasses, a little lip gloss and I’m ready for carpool!

Summer is upon us, so no matter your hometown,  it is time to break out those shades.  You can’t go wrong styling a summer outfit with an amazing pair of sunglasses!  Sunglasses are the perfect 2 in 1 accessory to express our style and get the sun protection we all need.

Picking the right sunglasses can be tricky.  These are some of my favorite top trend picks for this summer’s fun in the sun shades.

One of my favorite styles is oversized sunglasses, which give you full coverage eye protection and help with those tiny little lines around the eyes.

These square cut glasses by Tory Burch give full coverage and their softer color looks great against any skin tone.

Tory Burch, $165, www.toryburch.com

Another top trend (is it a “trend” if Ray Ban’s been doing its thing since 1937?) is the Aviator style.  Classic and great on just about every face shape. You really can’t go wrong here!

Ray Ban Aviator Metal, $189, www.ray-ban.com


These 60’s inspired Cat Eye Sunglasses by Calvin Klein have a great shape and work best on a triangle shaped face.  I say Meow!

CK Calvin Klein Classic Catey, www.redhotsunglasses.com

For a square shaped face choose a round or oval style, such as these oversized open side sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Raquel, $324, www.eyegoodies.com

No matter what shape looks best on you or the style you prefer, let your personality show.  Pick the sunglasses that express you.  With a fabulous pair of sunglasses you can protect your eyes and look fabulous while doing it!

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