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Summer Wedding Attire

It’s June, and you know what that means… It’s wedding season! All weddings come with their dress code, with the general rules being: Don’t upstage the bride, and for Pete’s sake don’t be that woman that wears white to someone else’s wedding. We may have loosened up a bit about this last rule by now, but the last thing you want to do at a wedding is risk offending anyone. It’s supposed to be a celebration of love after all. Here’ some style inspiration for this year’s wedding season:


Add some inches in a monochromatic mini and killer platforms


Go for semi-casual but still stylish with floral trousers and a relaxed tee


Try a quirky take on suiting with polka dots


If you really must wear white… that break it up with a bright colored jacket


Mix a bold print with a bold hue for a fun, graphic look


Offset neutrals with bright accessories to add style


It may not be cool to wear white, but nobody said you can’t wear red! After all, you’re not the blushing bride, right?


Math your sunnies to your dress for a cute and quirky look


For a beach wedding try a voluminous maxi skirt and a drapey top. Add shape with a cinched belt.

(links via: Pinterest)

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