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Summer Beauty Trends

6.20.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear, Inspiration, New Trends, T+P Blog Central

Let’s be honest, most of the time summer beauty consists of just trying not to melt in the heat. However, for those nights out when you can get all dolled up, here are our favorite summer beauty trends of 2014:


Purple eyeshadow- Try a muted, heather colored hue. Purples with red undertones work especially well to enhance blue eyes.

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Lots of bronzer. When is being tan in the summer not on trend? Keep your skin looking young and use bronzer instead of the real thing.



Bold Brows. The days of bleached brows are over. Lay down your tweezers and break out the brow pencils.

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Aquatic Eyes. Tap into the blue eyeshadow trend with a subtle liner or blue mascara. This looks especially good with brown eyes, as the cool color brings out the warmer, honey tones.

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And last but not least, bright orange lipstick. Trust us, it’s cuter than it sounds. Try a tangerine gloss for a more subdued take on the trend.



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