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8.26.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Links of the Week, Stylishly Linked

What is the shoe that every woman seems to be wearing in Washington D.C.? See for yourself!

Want your dog to look as good as you do? How cute are these designer doggy duds?

It’s August, you know what that means: September Issues! Which ones did you pick up? I am only halfway through the textbook-sized Vogue, donning Halle Berry on the cover.

InStyle has a great article about their top 5 fall trousers. We love the cropped look!

Check out T+P Guru Caitlin’s post about her trip to the Magic show in Vegas. She saw some of the awesome spring lines from T+P designers.

We don’t like it….

Jessica Stam has launched a mini line for Rachel Roy’s Macy’s line…. That was confusing. But it is pretty cute, check it out.

What’s the verdict on clogs? Foot Locker is running this, but the fashion world seems to be running with clogs. Michael Kors must be in heaven, but are you?

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