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7.05.2013 WRITTEN BY Angela How to Wear, Stylishly Linked, T+P Blog Central

We hope you had a fun and safe Fourth of July! Bit of a stretch, but Babble gives us their Founding Fathers-inspired fashion.


Have $1.2 Million to spare?  You too can have a hand written letter from a Founding Father himself.

First cookies, then cupcakes, then cake pops, now ice cream sandwiches! Are they the new hot dessert?


$400 Million Dollar Baby?  See what I did there? Million Dollar Baby?  Oh, nevermind.


In case you didn’t feel old already, this link should do the trick.

Can Jay Z take down the iPhone?


Brit Brit drops new single, “Ooh La La”, sounds like everything else and yet it is everything.

Talk about a fashion staple, the sweater vest makes its 40th annual yearbook appearance!


Do you need help with your fashion rotation?  Consult one of our fabulous Tog + Porter Stylists today!

(images via: OMG Facts, Parade, Bright Young ThingsThe YBF, People)

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