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5.31.2013 WRITTEN BY Angela How to Wear

Not surprised, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey exit American Idol.  But what about Keith Urban?!


Now it’s time to…Prancercise?

Wedding season is upon us, CBS gives us their Top 10 Wedding Films.


Knaidel, K-N-A-I-D-E-L, Knaidel the word to win the National Spelling Bee.  Know what it means?  Nah, me neither.

Grump Cat…movie star?


Um, yeah, we’ve been playing Monopoly all wrong, no wonder it takes forever!

Fatkini” is making waves.  These ladies are looking FIERCE in a Gabifresh swimsuit collection designed for women sized 10-24.

fatkiniWant to look fierce poolside?  Check out our Swim, Sunbathe, Look Amaze board on Pinterest.

Image via: Ace Showbiz, Squidoo, PandawhaleGabifresh


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