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5.17.2013 WRITTEN BY Angela Stylishly Linked, T+P Blog Central

Keeping the dream myth alive, life-sized Barbie Dream House opens in Berlin.

barbie dreamWant to catch up with your favorite 90210 stars?  CNN catches up with our favorite cast.

Style.com gives us the full Cannes Report showing the best of the red carpet.  Not sure why Cindy Crawford is there but she is definitely a show stopper.


You may have already asked yourself this but which Empire Records character are you?

King of metrosexuality, David Beckham, announces his retirement from soccer.  He played soccer?


Top designers illustrate dream baby bump wardrobe for Kate Middleton.

middleton-sketches09Need someone to dream up your wardrobe?  Schedule a fashion consultation with a T+P Stylist today!

Image Source: ABC Go, StyleUpscale Hype, WWD

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