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2.01.2013 WRITTEN BY Angela Stylishly Linked, T+P Blog Central

Beyonce makes up by singing live and gets us stoked for Superbowl Sunday!

Let’s face it, Half-time is the best part of Superbowl.  Here are a few performances as you countdown to the big day.

Movie-inspired clothing including Lord of the Rings and Beetlejuice?

Goodbye 30 Rock, we’ll miss you Liz Lemon.

It’s finally here, Barney’s Warehouse Sale online launches February 4th.


Our girl crush grows larger as Lena Dunham creates a new comedy based on…a personal shopper!

Don’t forget to schedule a consultation with our personal shoppers today.

(images via: Time, Refinery 29, Much Ado About 20 Something, Style)

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