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12.07.2012 WRITTEN BY Angela Celebrity Style, Stylishly Linked, T+P Blog Central

It’s that time of year again when all the lists come out that rank who was best in 2012.  Here a few that caught T+P’s attention:

Can’t mention “list” without Barbara Walters’s Most Fascinating People, way to go Ben Affleck!

Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Biel

Top 10 Stylish Stars of 2012 ranked by E! Kate Middleton considered a “star”?

Paste Magazine gives us the Top 25 Music Videos in 2012 to remind us why there are still music videos. 


Kim K topped the list of most-searched person online but the electorate kept “election” as #1.

Did you have time to watch 100 movies this year?  How did Finding Nemo 3D rank #7?

All pastels?  Did it make the Do or Don’t side of Glamour’s Style Dos and Don’ts of 2012?

Want to make you sure you are on the right side of the Glamour line?  Schedule your next consultation with a Tog + Porter Stylist today!

Image Source: E!, NY Daily NewsGlamour


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