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10.31.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Stylishly Linked

I would (actually I just did) absolutely buy this! Baby playground couture! Now your little bundle of joy can tote around a her own Chanel!

I bought it for my baby niece Addison, who ironically enough, is in a competition to be a Baby GAP model! Go vote for her here! You can vote every day!

This is a great article about the 10 items every woman should own. At Tog + Porter, we can get all of these things, so let us or your stylist know if you want to see one of these looks in your next box!

Image courtesy of InStyle.com

Going to the pumpkin patch but don’t know how to dress cute but appropriate and comfy at the same time? We LOVE Kate Beckinsale’s effortless, chic look. We will call it pumpkin patch chic!

Image courtesy of mystyle.com

Don’t fall prey to one of the 10 worst beauty trends of the past decade, although if you did do one in the past, we forgive you. Just leave it there.

Heidi Klum never ceases to amaze us when it comes to her Halloween costume!

And here is what she is going as this year:

Have a spooky and safe Halloween weekend, everyone!

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