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4.06.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

I typically leave the blog posting up to my super savvy team, but I have a little something to say and today’s the day I come right out and say it. Being a fashionable mom does not have to be an oxymoron, but it certainly takes a little extra effort to avoid being a cliche. It’s a lesson I had to learn and it has reinforced my love for this little gig I call Tog+Porter.

Seven months ago my husband and I welcomed our second adorable kiddo into this world. I knew before he was born that I was embarking on a life-changing kind of journey. What I didn’t realize is how easy my life had been to that point. And by easy I mean with a capital “E.” Granted, I had my fair share of showerless days with my daughter in tow, but looking back I can say with certainty that at least a few of those were by choice. Seven months in I can tell you with a straight face that not a single showerless day in the past 210 days has been by choice. More likely, is that I get to the end of the day, try to remember what happened to me when I woke up 17 hours earlier and realize that the somewhat hairy feeling on my teeth is, in fact, the result of forgetting to brush them.

I stared at my closet while packing for a trip last week only to come to terms with the fact that I had a closet full of maternity clothes that I hadn’t worn in seven months and it was time to move them out and make room for all the glorious styles I could once again wear with reckless abandon. I made room for my two favorite new bottoms — James Jeans Twiggy (on display in all of these pictures) & Paige Premium Hidden Hills (no, I never thought I’d wear a mid/high rise jean, but this is far and away the best post-pregnancy bod jean I have ever experienced. It keeps me honest and tucks that adorable little flab in without me having to awkwardly readjust each time I sit down).

Then I took a peek at my top situation and realized that I wanted my very own T+P Stylist. I couldn’t deal with this on my own, let alone make sure my hair didn’t have some sort of white pukey substance in it. That’s when I knew, for sure, that T+P is where I’m supposed to be. It is my job to make sure you style-conscious mamas look just as fabulous as you should.

We work our bums off everyday to love our kids and raise them to perfection and my job is to do just that and make sure you have someone looking out for you. T+P delivers fashion and function so you can get dressed to perfection while bending, kissing, jumping, hugging, swinging, laughing and sometimes crying your way through motherhood. Let us do a little bit of work for you.

I love this picture. Disgust. I’m sure my finger currently has some unidentified sticky substance on it. Yummy!

She’s cute and I love her…she also likes to wear tutus while playing soccer.

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