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9.17.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Inspiration

I am a fashion blog junkie. I love to go around and see what other people are doing, to help inspire me. A lot of times I get some great ideas from other bloggers who post outfits that they create. Trust me it is a lot better than standing in front of the closet for hours…

Lately I have been incredibly inspired by a fashion blog called My Style Pill.

The blogger, Christine Cameron, is a magazine editor with a great eye for style. Here are some of my favorite looks that she has worn. (All images courtesy of www.mystylepill.com)

I love the classic, tailored look of this outfit. A blazer is always flattering and I like the pairing with light-wash jeans to keep the look casual.

I used to think that colors had to contrast. For example, if I was wearing something light, I would want to pair it with a darker item. This photo just reinforces how WRONG I was! This outfit looks effortless. I love it.

I will admit, I am afraid of the full-length skirt. I like that Christine takes chances with fashion, and this just goes to show that if you feel confident, you can pull of *almost* any look.

If I saw this blouse at a store, I am not sure I would pick it up, and I would have missed out! Pairing it with the skirt is fun and flirty.

How great is this picture? I love the high-waisted shorts, and the subtle long necklace paired with the high bun really pulls this look together. This is one of my favorites!

Here is an example of how she pairs items that I wouldn’t think to pair. The lace top and the black pants, yes, but adding the grey hoodie is something I would have never thought to do. AND the snake print heels? Perfect.

I like this outfit because there is a lot going on, but not too much. She pairs some cognac wedges with a black purse, something that I wouldn’t always be confident doing, but it looks good!

I really like how she uses accessories, and her unconventional pairing of items that you wouldn’t think would go well together, but totally do! Go check out her website and get to creating for yourself!

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