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Style Guide: Ski Wear

2.12.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear, Inspiration, Style Guide

Ski clothes are bulky, hard to pack, and not necessarily flattering. After much research, we concluded that the secret to looking cute and staying warm on the ski hill is layers. That way by the time you’ve shed your outerwear, you’re popping out of your skis and heading into the lodge.



Start with a pair of thermal yoga pants, they’re warm,comfortable and flattering when tucked into boots. Next, layer a cozy thermal under your parka to absorb sweat- soft cotton thermals with a raglan sleeve like the one below are functional and cute. At T+P we agree the the belted parka is the way to go as far as coats are concerned, it’s just far and away the most flattering silhouette. Throw on your mirrored aviators for a bit of stylish eye protection and avoid hat hair by opting for ear muffs instead of a beanie this year. Waterproof gloves and wool socks keep your feet and hands warm, and last but not least, don’t forget your SPF 50!

Ski Wear Style Guide

Ski Wear Style Guide


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