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Style Guide: Rainy Weather

This post originally ran last June, but due to the weather and the fact that it’s so good, we decided to run it again. One of T+P’s top stylists, Camilla Basse, tells us how to dress for any occasion when its pouring outside:

It’s raining, it’s pouring and it’s getting warmer! Oh, the dilemma of maintaining your  style when it’s raining out. No need to change your Saturday plans just because Mother Nature decided to let the skies open. Throw on your denim shorts and top just as you normally would, but add a fun rain boot to the mix. There are so many fun directions you can go: a print that shows your personality or a bright color. If boots aren’t your thing, a pair of jelly sandals (yes, we said jelly sandals!) will fit the bill as well. A lightweight and short rain coat might be in the cards as well depending on how heavy it’s coming down.


There is nothing fun about having to dodge the rain while on your way to the office, but a few fashionable water friendly accessories will sure help. Throw on a pair of plastic flats that look like patent leather back to your cigarette pants and sleeveless peplum top. Your co-workers will have to look awfully close to notice they aren’t leather. If you can’t let go of the heels while at the office, fashion friendly shoe covers are always an option. To maintain your sleek office look, a short summer white trench is a must.


A little rain is not going to cramp your Friday night happy hour. Colored skinnies, a light airy tank, and high heel rain boots will do the trick quite nicely. A flirty dress paired back to high rain boots is a no fail option as well. Add a short metallic trench to either and you will find yourself wishing it rained during every evening outing! Well, maybe.


No matter what the occasion, grab your favorite umbrella, a few rain friendly shoes and outerwear will have you singing in the rain.

(images via: thecorner, jcrew, target, hellofashionblognordstrom, zara, melissa, gracecarter, lordandtaylor, 6pm, and Tog + Porter)

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