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Statement Necklaces That Dazzle!

4.29.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

“Statement Necklace” is one of those buzz words that has been in every magazine and fashion blog the past 6 months. Undoubtedly you have heard of them by now, but maybe you are like myself and have yet to jump on the ship. I have been eyeing some really gorgeous necklaces lately and I want to share!

The great thing about these necklaces, is that they can be the “wow factor” of your outfit. A.K.A. (if you are anything like me) you can sleep in way too late, throw on a simple outfit, vamp it up by throwing on a necklace and VOILA – You look polished, stylish and chic! This is the beauty of the statement necklace, my friends.

Some tips:

1. Let the necklace do the talking! Refrain from pairing a statement necklace with other flashy jewelery (your everyday stud earrings and a ring are okay)

2. Pay attention to your neckline! Make sure that the necklace and the neckline of your shirt do not meet in a funky place. If the necklace falls a little over the shirt, that is perfect. They also look fabulous with a higher cut neckline, or a scoop neck if the necklace hangs lower than the top. Going in to summer, I really like statement necklaces with tube tops.

3. COLOR! Like I always preach, play with color! Turquoise and coral look so great with almost anything – or let them really stand out by pairing them with a black top.

Ready to take the leap? Me too. Let’s do this together!

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