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Spring Trend: Fashion Sneakers

3.17.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah Inspiration, New Trends, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

Raise your hand if you like comfortable but stylish footwear! Yeah… we’re thinking that’s probably all of you. Well, you’re in luck because fashion sneakers are a huge trend this spring. At T+P, we think fashion sneakers might just be more than a trend, they’re a statement. They say “I’m a busy woman and I have places to be, so off with the heels and on with the sneakers!” We say run baby, run.

fashion sneakers

fashion sneakers

fashion sneakers

Leave it to the stylish ladies of NY to mix active footwear with high fashion. The resulting look is sporty, laid back, and confident. Pair your favorite Nikes, New Balance, Converse, etc… with anything from a casual maxi dress to a beautiful suit, and take a second to thank Ellen and Wendy Davis for starting this wonderful trend and saving your feet!

(all images via: Tog+Porter Pinterest)

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