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Spring looks when it's oh, so chilly outside

4.05.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

So, spring is officially upon us, and while the sun is shining, the temperatures are not. Many of us are eager to embrace spring by brightening up our wardrobes and grabbing our favorite sunglasses. Therein lies the problem. If you go outside wearing your new floral tunic and sandals, you will absolutely freeze to death, or with our luck get stuck in a torrential downpour. However, there are ways to spring-ify your look without completely hindering your comfort.

Jackets: A bright jacket can be the statement piece of your entire outfit. Paired with a cute pair of flats and cuffed jeans, a colored jacket can be the perfect center piece that will leave you with compliments and people asking you “where did you get your darling coat?” Tulle has a huge selection of styles and colors to choose from. Consider Knitted Dove for a more off-beat, detailed casual jacket.

Knitted Dove Jacket

Cardigans: A bright or patterned cardigan is the perfect way to give color to your outfit, plus it SCREAMS spring. You can pair it over a tank top, t-shirt, dress or just about anything. Wear a cardigan loose and unbuttoned to give the “boyfriend” look or wear it fitted and buttoned for a more classic look. Charlotte Tarantola has great cardigans that often include subtle feminine details such as rhinestone buttons. Kersh also makes great staple cardigans and sweaters in a variety of colors.

Charlotte Tarantola Elixir Cardigan

Tulle Diamond Cotton Scarf

Scarves: The right scarf can transition from winter to spring with ease. Bright colored scarves can work in the spring if you pair them with the right outfit. Make sure that you stay away from anything wool or fleece because they will be too warm on your neck once the sun peeks out.

A light cotton or linen scarf can add a burst of color to your outfit effortlessly. Echo has great scarves for spring, the navy and cream infinity scarf  is fantastic and one of our other favorites is the Diamond Sheer Cotton Scarf by Tulle. It comes in Green, Citrus and Poppy — all great spring colors.

Tights: Add tights with a skirt or even with shorts or a romper for an extra layer of insulation. Although they may not seem that warm, tights can give your legs the perfect amount of coverage against the April Showers. They look great with boots, flats or even heels. Just remember to tuck the seam under your foot if you are wearing peep toes!

Hue Opaque Tights

Remember, you don’t have to compromise your warmth to pull off a fun and springy look. By adding one vibrant piece to your outfit, you can pull off the look, even if that piece is a jacket or sweater. Patterns and floral prints practically shout spring, so don’t be afraid to branch out from your grays, blacks and whites and play with color.

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