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Spring is Taunting Us and I LOVE IT!

2.23.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

It’s been beautiful and sunny the past several days in the Northwest which is what happens at the end of every February every year. Only for mr. weather to take a wicked turn in about 5 days and douse us with 3 more chilling months of “spring.” But, whatever, not important because we are royally inspired for sunshine around the corner.

My Top 3 Must-Haves this Spring…defined by yours truly, not by fashion magazines or stylists to the stars. These are merely things I’ve been craving and probably will not be able to go on without.

1. Converse. About every two years I decide I NEED Converse — I’m inspired this time by my husband who pulled a pair from the bottom of our shoe basket and started rocking them a few days ago. A pair in gray will definitely do the trick. Cute with the Boyfriend jean that continues to be cool or the relaxed shorts that I’m so happy to see are sticking around. Mmmmm, boyfriend jean, Converse, S/S tee and a fitted little moto jacket…I’m in love.

2. DRESSES. Lots of them, in lots of fabulous colors and prints. Floral because it’s so hot right now. Fuschia because that would just be lovely. Daytime dresses are where I’m at this spring and summer.

3. Espadrilles. Always on the lookout for them, rarely able to find a pair I love. If you know of a fabulous pair I need to have, please tell me!

Happy dressing this spring. Take a cue from your own style inspiration. Define your own must-haves and wear them with superior confidence.

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