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I’m sure we all thought of it, I wish there were clothes for sporting events to show my true fandom.  Well, now Alyssa Milano is building an empire with that very same idea and NFL is following suit.

Now that football has dominated our television sets and we spend more time mingling with friends and families in homes or parking lots, it’s time to reassess weekend wear and show our team spirit. Whether you are tagging along with your partner or rooting for your favorite team, here are some ways you can look stylish at sporting events.

Go Retro.

San Francisco Giants Vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (2-3) - April 1, 2008

Retro sportswear never goes out of style.  A satin baseball or letter men jacket can be worn with jeans, but is also chic and trendy with a pencil skirt and pumps.

Use Team Colors as pop or contrasting colors.


There are plenty of ways to show your spirit without wearing a jersey or logo.  Using team colors for your accessories and nail/cosmetics can be fun on and off the field.

Go Oversized or Form Fitting, in between is not as sexy.


No matter what the occasion calls for, you should always think of proportions and balance.  Play with shapes that suit you body but oversized and boxy shapes normally work with a fitted or bare leg and form fitting shows curves rather than hide them.

Outfits for outdoor events can be warm and stylish.


Comfortable footwear and warmth are key for attending outdoor events.  Get extra mileage from weekend wear with boots and layering with a vest for games leading in OT during those chilly autumn nights.

Check out our Pinterest Board, Football Season, for more sportswear inspiration.

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