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Posted on August 9, 2019 Posted by Renee Franklin

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Why I don’t believe in Style Icons by Maureen Borsodi

Choosing a style icon is next to impossible for me.  She changes based on the day, my mood, where I’m going, what type of event etc.etc. etc. Therefore, when I work with clients and ask them who their style icon is, I typically twist the question – to ask who they think always looks really wellRead entire article »

The Perfect Day: A Tog+Porter Short

This is our girl: She’s all buttoned up, and a little bit fastidious… She has spent so much time carefully planning her “Perfect Day”; which coffee to drink, what parks to sit in, which movies to go to, etc… But is anything ever “perfect”? Maybe what she needs isn’t perfection, but a change… A littleRead entire article »

The Trench Coat- The Ultimate Staple

One of the best ways of updating your wardrobe is to start with the basics. Here at T+P we agree that the classic trench is the ultimate wardrobe staple. Whether its Burberry or Old Navy, the trench coat elevates your style to another level. Worn over jeans and a Tee, the trench coat makes aRead entire article »

New Trend: The Mini Bag

This year’s bags aren’t so much different from last year’s bags, except that they come in miniature versions! These cute little purses are an adorable accessory, and here at T+P we love that they stop us from turning our purses into a “black hole” ( and saves our spines).   For an especially cute additionRead entire article »

New Trend: Embroidery

Seen all over this year’s spring and fall runways, rich embroidery is fit for a queen. This ancient art dates back to the 1500′s when it was used as a pretty way of repairing torn or worn garments. Popular with royals everywhere, thankfully modern technology has made this gorgeous trend affordable for everyone. Pair aRead entire article »

How to Wear the Bralette

Sheer shirts.  Low cut blouses.  Off the shoulder styles. An added layer.  A girlie element.  An answer to one of fashion’s (and comfort’s) biggest questions is the lace bralette.  A million colors and even more ways to wear, this simple underpinning is as pretty as it is practical.         If there isRead entire article »

We Inspire You: Tog+Porter’s Pinterest Boards

Seeing is believing.  Visualization is a powerful tool for people to achieve their ideals through the images they see.  In 2011, Pinterest changed the way people collected images and created inspiration boards. Tog and Porter uses Pinterest as its main tool to inspire our clients 24/7.  Our inspiration boards include the following: Seasonal Themes OurRead entire article »

Elegant Office Wear

What’s old is new again.  Hourglass silhouettes, full circle skirts, fit and flare dresses, tie front blouses, and pencil skirts are everywhere we turn as of late, thanks in large part to the hit show Mad Men and its fictional office of Sterling Cooper. But can these retro shapes translate into your everyday office wardrobeRead entire article »

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