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Seasonal Spring Patterns

4.16.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

One thing I LOVE about spring time is that you can play with different patterns and get pretty crazy!

Floral: Floral is the most common and one of my favorite patterns. There are so many different colors of floral patterns to choose from. The Dolce Vita Agnes dress, which also comes in a shirt, is by far one of my favorite. It leans on the more subtle floral pattern but is gorgeous. Brighter florals are great too!

Stripes: I am a big stripe wearer during any season. Spring is fun because you can get pretty nautical with it. Navy blue, gray and reds blend well to make you look like you just stepped of the sail boat! Incorporate something (maybe a wedge sandals) with a knot and the look is complete!

Animal Print: Warning! Springy and animal print are two words that are hard to mix and pull off successfully. Try to stay away from the regular cheetah and animal prints. Some designers this season have done a beautiful job of mixing prints with spring flare. Charlotte Tarantola made it look effortless with her ‘Tearcher’s Pet’ cardigan (shown in the color ‘swim’)

Paisley and Tie Dye: Another great pattern for spring is paisley. It can look so good if you  use it sparingly as an accent piece. MICHAEL by Michael Kors usually does a great job at using paisley. Tie dyes are also a fun way to play with colors and patterns. You must be careful when wearing tie dye. The key is to pick one that only has 2 or 3 colors in it. Too many colors and it can turn a little too hippie-ish quick.

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