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Rolling out the Fall Fashion Trends

8.13.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Writtten by: Lindsey Apple, T&P Certified Style Expert

As summer winds down and fall fashions are infiltrating magazines, you may be wondering what the big fall fashion trends will be. What in your closet needs an update? Can you still wear your leggings and skinny jeans from last fall? And, what were the trend evolutions this fall? Some tips to help guide you through the sea of fashion trends:

  1. The leggings – stronger than ever with upgraded styles in more flattering fits & fabrics. Embellishments update this year’s legging including lace, leather, buttons & zippers running up the outside seam. These are great for layered looks with skirts, dresses, long t-shirts and fun sweaters.
  2. The cascading knit cardigan – a must have for fall and perfect with your leggings and denim. The key is to wear longer cut tanks and camisoles so any of your problem areas are disguised and the narrowest part of your leg is featured. Do you have a fuller figure? Wear an oversized boxy sweater or super long cardigan. Seriously, Stella McCartney cardigans fall to the knee.
  3. Volume – A skinny leg with a voluminous blouse or a super long sweater, a harem pant with a fitted t-shirt and a vest, a silky dress that cuts far away from the body and then belted; these are all ways to play up the contrasting volume and balance of a proper ensemble for fall.
  4. The strong shoulder – If you don’t have your boyfriend jacket ready for fall then you better order one before they sell out! These blazers are cut longer, to the fullest part of the figure, and have fun sleeves that are rolled, cropped to the elbow, or cut all the way off which leads me to the next trend…
  5. Vests – I see these in all shapes and sizes but my favorites are more novelty. I’m seeing vests with embroidery details, metal grommets, full on fur (and faux fur) and vests that are cut much longer in front than in the back playing off the cascading cardigan concept. Layer with long sleeve shirts, dresses or a camisole and scarf in warmer climates.
  6. Hardware details – No matter what clothing style you prefer, you will not get through the season without seeing chunky hardware details everywhere. The handbags and shoes of the season will have studs, chain links, grommet details and buckles. Jewelry will be classy yet chunky, with baubles, layered chains and asymmetrical cut crystals. Many brands have taken this hardware concept a step further and have sewn necklaces directly onto shirts and dresses. This is a great way to get more for your money! With minimalist style, these accessories will complete the look. Embellished Tank BCBG
  7. Color – although I celebrate women wearing whatever colors and tones look best on them specifically, RED is an impactful color I see throughout most collections. Red represents good fortune, positive energy, confidence and romance. It is a color that stands out among a crowd and celebrates life as it comes. Accessorize with it if you’re not quite ready for a head to toe look but I urge you to throw some red into your wardrobe this fall and see what it does for you!
  8. Finally… animal print – like it or not, it is everywhere for fall. Have fun with it, wear a little or a lot, but whatever you do, do not mix animal prints. Don’t even think about it. And simplify the rest of your look unless you’re totally confident in layering patterns and colors.

I hope these tips will be helpful in your fall fashion pursuits but most importantly have fun with your style this year!

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