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What We Do: Revamp Your Old Pieces with Fresh Pieces

9.09.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie What We Do


Have you ever looked in your closet and wondered how can I make this piece sparkle again? Well, think no more and let our stylist do the thinking for you. Our stylist here at Tog + Porter can help revamp your closet by adding fresh new pieces to your existing ones, in order to create some fun fabulous outfits.



Our stylist can take any article of clothing in your closet, pair it with either a new item they send you or one of your existing items and vamp it up. They can do this by adding a new statement necklace or a colorful scarf over one of your cute tops or dresses. They can also add a new stylish leather jacket, colorful belt or cute booties to your skinny jeans or dresses as well.  These are a few ways they can vamp up your wardrobe by adding new pieces to your existing ones.


So, make an appointment with one of our stylist and see how they can revamp some of your clothing.


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