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Remember College?

10.06.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

We are so lucky to be headquartered in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, which means two things – 1. We’re Ducks (or at least our lovely VP of Products, Caitlin and I represent) and 2. When fall rolls around the size of this city seems to triple in size thanks to our U of O students (not really triple, but where did all of these cars with California license plates flowing into Bed, Bath and Beyond come from?!?)

In the past this influx of students has done a few things to me. Made me feel old; forced me to remember that it is possible to survive with a part-time job, driving a used Altima and somehow I was still paying for nights out and getting my hair done; it’s taught me to appreciate what I know today — namely that vodka and 7Up do make you crave pizza at 2 am, therefore adding a solid 15 pounds over a 9 month period.

What I love about the students returning is they give us a chance to peek at the “trends” or at least the trends as defined by Urban Outfitters and American Apparel . That’s not to say I agree with liquid leggings or neons, but it reminds me to take risks with my own fashion – add color, dress up, dress down. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mom trap – jeans, black top, boots with a crazy skinny jean mixed in here and there!

No matter age, it is possible to take trends and make them work for you. Here, how to take Peacock Feathers to a new level:

Peacock Feathers:

20s and 30s — The headband. Add a touch of sass to your hairstyle. Also, a great way to manage bedhead!

Peacock Feather Headband

40s and 50s: The feather necklace – a statement piece that spices up any look – day or evening!

Michelle Roy Designs Peacock Feather Necklace

50s and 60s:

The silk scarf: a great way to add soft colors around your face and update any look . Pair with a basic sweater for a thoughtful, pulled together look.

Peacock feather hand silkscreened woven silk scarf, fair trade, sky blue on brown

70s, 80s, 90s & on.

Create a defined waist and add color to your favorite wrap sweater with a gorgeous peacock brooch like this one. A sophisticated way to integrate a gorgeous trend.

Papillon (Butterfly) Peacock Feather Brooch

Have a great day!


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