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Reader Question: White Shoes

5.23.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie How to Wear, T+P Blog Central

Sending an S.O.S. to Tog + Porter’s stylists! Erynn from Santa Barbara writes: “I always thought wearing white shoes was considered a fashion crime (that’s what the girls in my sorority told me), but now I’m starting to see them all over. Are they in now? What should I wear them with and can you recommend a favorite?”



Erynn, our stylists will respond shortly. Thanks for send in your question. If you have a question you’d like our stylist’s to weigh in on , leave it in the comments below or send it to ellie@togandporter.com

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  • 05.23.2013

    They are indeed in now Erynn! And you can wear them like a neutral (read: with just about anything). I favor white shoes in the form of a strappy heel, peep toe pump,or gladiator sandal. If you decide to take the plunge and sport some white shoes, be sure to snap a photo and share it with us here at Tog+Porter!

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