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Reader Question: What to Wear Backpacking

8.14.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

There are certain occasions that call for a more pragmatic approach to dressing. Backpacking around South America is one of them. One of our clients, Jaime S. recently quit her job to go on the adventure of a lifetime, a year-long backpacking trip with her hubbie. The couple will be blogging about their experience here. She asked Tog + Porter what she should pack to stay cute but practical. Here’s a couple ideas our dear friend:

backpacking 1

1. light, ribbed cotton tanks in dark colors. They go with everything and help you stay cool.

2. A light sweater for nightime

3. A stylish windbreaker to fight the elements

4. A light weight scarf to keep your neck and shoulders from burning

5. Denim cut-offs to wear with everything

6.Durable chinos for  traipsing through the jungle

7. A light weight jersey LBD (little black dress) so that you always have something to wear, just in case.

8. A straw hat to prevent wrinkles

9.Aviators because adventurous folk have been wearing them since 1936

10. Birkenstocks because they are comfortable and on trend (I swear!)

11. Cute flats that can roll up and out of sight.

Along with what to wear for your fun back packing excursion. We have created a list of items that will help keep you safe and clean, while on your adventure. Here is our list:

final other items for backpacking

1:  A fold up water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and when empty will not take up much space.

2:  Laundry detergent packets, so you can keep your cute close clean, anywhere.

3: Dry shampoo, in order to keep your hair clean, less greasy and you don’t need water

4: Bug spray, to keep the nasty little critters away from you.

5: A poncho, for keeping you and your clothes dry from unexpected rain.

6: First Aid Kit in case you or someone else hurts them selves, better safe than sorry.

7: Lip balm to keep your lips moist and soft.

8: A flash light for when it gets dark.

9: Matches to start a fire, in order to keep warm.

10: Ear plugs to help you sleep and keep bugs from going in your ear.

11: Hand sanitizer to keep you hands feeling fresh and germ free.

Happy travels!

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