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Building Your Personal Style Part 1

1.02.2013 WRITTEN BY Angela How to Wear, Inspiration, T+P Features, What We Do

As people ring in the new year, it also becomes a time of reflection and self-assessment.  Thanks to blogs and social media there has been a rise in celebrating street and personal style.  This year, you don’t have to go at it alone.

The first step before you enter your closet or shop is to do a self-assessment.  There are  many factors to consider when defining your personal style.   

Here are a few general ideas to consider:
-Body Type
-Favorite Colors

The next step is my favorite part, collect ideas on who and what inspires you.  It can be anyone or anything; from celebrities, architecture, televisions, historical periods, music, etc.

Here are a few ways you can track your inspirations:
-Collect images and file them in an Inspiration Binder
-Create inspiration boards on Pinterest
-Start a personal blog (TumblrBloggerWordPressTypepad, etc.)
If you like to see what inspires Tog + Porter, check out our inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Once you figured out what inspires you then you can figure out your signature trademark or brand.

“I used to resist this whole idea of being a brand. Because I was like, I’m not a brand, I’m just a person. But now I accept that. It’s everything that I value.” -Oprah Winfrey
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Alter Ego
Can’t decide on a signature brand?  Try an alter ego on for variety.  Many celebrities and artists create alter egos to set trends and stay relevant throughout their careers.

Alter egos can encourage us to take risks.  Remember, if you don’t risk anything, you run the risk of gaining nothing.

Looking for a new image for the new year?  Tog + Porter can help you define your style through a style consultation.  Check out Part 2 of Personal Style tomorrow for shopping for your Personal Style.

(Images via: Vogue Paris, Favim, BazaarMadame Noire)

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