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The Perfect Day, A Tog+Porter Short Film

1.22.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah T+P Features

This year Tog+Porter collaborated with talented Bay Area artists to create a short film about one of Tog+Porter’s greatest passions: confidence and style.  The film centers around a woman in need of a change. As most of us know, this can be difficult, especially if on the surface it looks as though you have everything together. Often times we find ourselves knowing we need something different, but are left asking what, and how? Sometimes the only thing you can do is ask for a little help…

We loved and feared the concept of the film for the same reason, it was so far off from the formulaic promo video. At the end of the day though, we wanted to create something people wanted to watch, not just promote ourselves, so we went for it. Naturally we were curious as to what the inspiration behind the film was, so we conducted a little Q&A with the film’s writer & director, Diarmaid Odhran.

How did you come up with this character?

I once knew this girl in college from a wealthy background who was probably the most frugal person I’ve ever met. She would go on these trips across Europe and have these freakishly detailed itineraries with how much she would spend each day, what lunch would cost and so on. I always felt it was a bizarre way to conduct life with such attention to detail. I thought it would be fun to explore what happens to someone like that when the plan fails.

Most startup videos want a very relatable character, what was Tog + Porter’s response when you introduced this protagonist?

After the initial shock they were really positive and supportive. Trying to be more organized is something almost everybody wishes for, so a character who is an embodiment of that is really a part of all of us. T+P really liked it from the beginning and were really helpful while collaborating.

Did anything turn out better than expected?

The apartment looked amazing. I was a little worried about the location due to its size in the beginning, but on the day of the shoot it was a pleasure to work there. The natural lighting was really amazing.

What was your favorite part of filming?

Filming the stuff in the park was really nice. It was fun as we had to continually wait for bikers to get out of frame. I wasn’t really sure what our permit status was, so it was a little on edge, but really lively.

There you have it, straight from Diarmaid himself. Be sure and keep tabs on him. He’s going places.

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