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What to Pack for a Warm Weather Getaway

2.27.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear

Seeing as half the country has been in hibernation since November, it’s only natural that a lot of us are longing for some heat and humidity right now. Here’s Tog+Porter’s list of the 10 warm weather essentials:

tropical style

tropical style

1. The perfect swim suit. Yes, it’s a grueling process, one that requires stamina and a steely sense of resolve, but once you find your perfect suit, it will all be worth it. Cosmopolitan offers some good advice on which types of suits to try for your body type.

2. Sturdy but cute sandals. Don’t bother will heels, it’s supposed to be a vacation. If you do want a bit of a lift, go for a sturdy but light wedge.

3. A cute pair of shorts.

4. Plenty of light cotton tanks and tees for layering.

5. A light jacket, we often forget this one, but even the tropics can get a little chilly sometimes. A light weight, water proof wind breaker is usually best as it tends to rain nearly every day in many warm weather destinations.

6. Sunscreen, it should really be number one, but you can always pick some up when you get there too.

7. A wide brim hat to shade your face and shoulders. The straw ones are chic and offer the most ventilation.

8. A flattering maxi dress- seriously this one is a life saver. Its cute at the beach, and with a necklace and the right pair of sandals, its formal wear! The best of both worlds and it saves packing space.

9. A few cute accessories: a light weight linen or cotton scarf to protect your chest from the sun, gold bangles, a pretty statement necklace, a pair of pretty gold earrings (in the warmer climates, its all about gold).

10. A light beach cover up, for when you actually have to stand up and go do something that requires a little bit of clothing.

What are your packing essentials?

For more inspiration on what to wear on your tropical getaway, check out our pinterest board.


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