Working with a Stylist

We can’t wait to meet you! Simply provide us with a few key things we need to get started, and we’ll deliver the best shopping experience you’ve ever had.

Here’s what we need from you:

Total transparency. We’ll ask you a few simple measurements and sizing information – be honest! We never judge. Getting the numbers right will help us pick out clothes that are the perfect fit.

Details about your lifestyle. Your stylist needs some “you” time to learn what kinds of fashions will fit your life. Do you work in an office with a conservative dress code? Planning a girls weekend? Tell us.

Your style icons. Who do you look to for fashion inspiration? Do you aspire to a style like Jennifer Aniston or Emma Stone? Give us the scoop. It’ll help us develop your signature look.

Tog + Porter will then:

Get busy shopping. We will hand-select the best designs and fashions for you, based on your lifestyle, body type, size and style inspirations.

Make it easy on you. We want your shopping experience to be fun and easy. That means no trudging through malls and facing down those evil dressing room mirrors.

Respect your assets and your flaws. We all have parts we want to show off, and ones we’d rather keep hidden. Your stylist will carefully choose clothes with the fit, color, and overall look that play to your strengths.

Ready?Get Started Now.