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Our First Mother’s Day

5.12.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie How to Wear, T+P Blog Central

We’ve had quite a few inquiries from new dads looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, which we think is just the sweetest thing–seriously it makes us so happy to help you make your wife’s life that much easier and stylish. We couldn’t be more honored. To help keep a handle on some of the pressure you may be feeling, we asked one of our client’s hubby to share his feelings on being a new dad and what his plans are for the big day.

1. What’s it like being a new dad? Totally remarkable. I don’t think its cliche to say that every day is more interesting than the next. The progression of watching this little baby  that needed so much care and attention transform into a more mobile, alert, and communicative person is simply amazing. I feel overwhelmed thinking about how tiny she was when she was just a couple of weeks old and how she would latch on the end of my nose thinking there was food there! Now, she holds her own bottle! The steps of growth are so beautiful.

2. How does it feel celebrating your first Mother’s Day as a family? I think now I get it. Mother’s Day was always this big family get together, more awkward than anything. You know, the whole family gets together, you’re 12-years-old on your way to the Red Lion Mother’s Day Buffett and you have to dress up in some awkward blazer that doesn’t fit and all the adults are just lame during brunch . . . that whole memory.

Now it’s different. Christina and I very much worked together through every step of the pregnancy, childbirth and now raising Sloane as a baby. I have seen her frustration, pain, sacrifice, but I am always amazed by the joy that she finds in Sloane. You have to understand, Christina was not a baby person prior to Sloane arriving. Not. At. All. Now I see how much more love is inside her than before and I really appreciate it.

3. What are you planning to do for your new mommy on Mother’s Day? 

Put on my blazer…that now fits and get together with the whole family; with a new level of appreciation. Family is very important to my wife and so to have everyone together is special for her. I will probably set aside a different special night for her to celebrate our own Mother’s Day. The daily brunch is usually a “wipe out the day” affair, so I would like to do something just for Christina from me, to her. Cooking for Christina is easy, I think she would be happier if I made my barbecue chicken (with extra bbq sauce) with roasted red potatoes and brussel sprouts. I know she loves it and I’ve made it so many times (because she loves it), that I can make it in my sleep.

4. Will you be getting her a gift? If so, what? I will be getting her a gift, but since my wife is an avid fan of Tog + Porter and probably reads this blog I WILL NOT BE TELLING!

Thanks Jimmy for taking the time to do this. We wish Christina an amazing first Mother’s Day!

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