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How to Optimize your Vacation Wardrobe.

3.30.2015 WRITTEN BY Amy Bialek How to Wear

It’s the time of year when all of our minds are on spring break. We can hardly wait to break out the sunscreen and bask in the warm sun rays of spring. As temperatures are rising and vacation time is around the corner, we know planning a wardrobe that fits your itinerary is on top of your to-do list. At Tog + Porter, we try to make packing fun, light and easy as possible all while building a wardrobe that fits your ideal vacation look.

When planning your next vacation, we recommend a few best practices to make your travel wardrobe sensible and transitional:

Plan ahead

To ensure a vacation friendly suitcase, list all of the pieces you plan to take and match them with your days activities. Create an itinerary of the places you’ll visit and if any extra layering pieces will be needed. If most of your days will be spent outside plan to pack a hat, sunscreen, and even a day umbrella that’ll block the rays away. Depending where your travels take you, make sure you’re prepared with the extra essentials you’ll need.

Coordinate your Vacation wardrobe with Tog and Porter

Climate Control

Research the forecast and plan accordingly! If rain is on the ten day forecast, be prepared for cooler temperatures and unexpected winds. Pack clothes that can be layered properly and assimilate to your body temperature. Stick to natural fibers such as cotton and linen and incorporate layering pieces that can be worn throughout the duration of your vacation. 

Stick with the basics

Basics are your best friends when traveling. You can do so much and have fun with the simplest pieces. Best of all, they’ll leave you with extra room in your suitcase. Dress up your basic white tee, shirt dress, or even tank with chunky jewelry, a spring scarf, and your favorite jean jacket.

Optimize your Basics with Tog and Porter

Make your accessories last and let your wardrobe be your canvas. Opt for looks that make you feel comfortable and incorporate basics that can be easily transitioned throughout the day. 

If you’re ready to go on vacation and need help packing your vacation wardrobe, contact your Tog + Porter stylist and let us help you build the perfect suitcase for your well deserved escape.

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