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New Year’s Resolution: DIY Closet Organization

1.09.2015 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear

Nothing feels as promising as a fresh start. At T+P, it’s a yearly tradition to re-vamp and reorganize after the New Year. This year we picked up a few awesome DIY closet tips from our pinterest that we had to share-


From Refinery29, how to make the most out of a awkward closet space:

Shower curtain rings on a hanger are great for organizing scarfs:


Apartment Therapy has some incredible Ikea hacks  for making the cheapest wardrobe look expensive:


Lastly, dividers work wonders for organizing your underwear drawers:


Is revamping your closet on your list for 2015? Have any special tips for organizing? Let us know!

(Images via: Tog+Porter Pinterest)

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