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New Trend: Matte Nails

9.04.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie Celebrity Style, New Trends

This fall we are taking the glossy shine out of your nail polish and replacing it with a matte finish.  Yes, you heard right, no more shinny nails.  Matte nail are in and celebrities such as Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani have caught on.



Are you now thinking about what color matte nail polish you want for your next mani or pedi? Well, blue is your answer. It is the trendiest color this fall season and any shade of blue will work. Now, if blue isn’t your color, no problem. Any color will work, as long as it has a matte finish. A few nail polish brands that have matte colors are Rococo, Bobbi Brown, Top Shop, Butter London, Le Metier de Beaute amongst many others.




If you already have many nail polishes and would like to turn them from shinny to matte, here are a few ways to do it.  Put a little cornstarch on a plate and pour a little bit of your nail polish and mix it together, but you will have to work quickly because it gets clumpy fast.  Also, if you want to match your eye shadow to your matte nail polish, here is a great way.  Take your eye shadow and put a little on a plate. Take a clear nail polish and mix it in with the eye shadow of your choice, then it’s already to go.  Lastly, here is the easiest way to get matte nails. Apply your favorite color nail polish on, when dry coat your nails with a matte top coat and you’ll get a matte finish.



Here is a great video to show you exactly how to make your matte nail polish: http://www.bellasugar.com/DIY-Matte-Nail-Polish-Video-31124652

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