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New Trend: Light Layers

8.11.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear

As we start to transition from summer into autumn, we can get the most out of our summer wardrobe by layering our lighter pieces. There is an art to layering, you want it to look stylish and cosy, while avoiding the dreaded bulk. Our stylists suggest layering soft, thin cotton with silks and thin wools or cashmeres. When layering, pay attention to texture and proportion- always layer longer pieces under shorter ones, and if you are going baggy on top, make sure to keep it sleek with skinny jeans or leggins underneath. Our stylist’s last tip is to layer in like colors. Choose colors in the same family to keep the look chic and to avoid being overwhelmed by the layers. Here’s a few examples of women who are rocking the light layers trend:


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(images via: majawyh, thisiseffect, whowhatwear)

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