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5.28.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Lately I have been visiting a little fashion blog called Feather Report (http://featherreport.blogspot.com/). It is a fun site that creates a daily outfit based on the weather in NYC. While I am not IN New York, I have found that the site gives me some great ideas and tips on how to style my own outfits. Here is an example:

Photo courtesy of http://featherreport.blogspot.com/

This outfit was for Mostly Cloudy with a T-Storm, high 76

While I cannot currently afford most of the items on the website, it still gives me ideas about how to pair things that I wouldn’t come up with on my own. What is also great about the site is they also give you an option for if it is warmer or colder.

Warmer: Instead of leggings, wear espadrilles

Colder: Add an oversized cardi and boots

So, since I live in Oregon, and it is currently rainy and cold (don’t get me started) I opted for the colder version.

Here is my version of the outfit:

You should all go there now and see for yourself. Happy styling!

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