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Moving On: How To Sort Through A Cramped Closet

10.12.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

I recently moved from the dry, heat-stricken valley of Scottsdale, AZ to the lush, vineyard landscape of Northern California’s bay area. With the dramatic shift in climate, my wardrobe has been forced to evolve accordingly.

Needless to say, packing for a big move is difficult; since this is my fourth time relocating across state lines in less than three years, I decided it’s finally appropriate to get rid of the excess baggage I’ve been carrying around since high school (ie. my senior prom dress and raggedy pair of black Chuck Taylors I loved so dearly). I’m a sentimental gal, so even though some of the old clothes and knickknacks I’ve been holding on to for years don’t fit like they used to, the memories they represent are hard to let go of. As I looked at the stacks of jeans and hangers of blouses cramped in my closet, the thought of sorting through the clutter, let alone getting rid of most of it, was enough to exhaust me. I knew I needed a way to make it fun.

So a few weeks before my move, I performed a ceremonial-like fitting of all the pieces I’ve gathered over the years. Now, this may sound like hell to most people, but it actually was a great way to see how my favorite jeans from three years ago and New Years Eve 2005 outfit looked today. Anything I wouldn’t be caught dead walking out the door in was relegated to the Goodwill pile, as well as the skinny pants that I finally acknowledged will never fit again (sad, yet cleansing all the same). I was surprised to find that a few forgotten gems were still quite cute for contemporary fashion pieces (with some updated accessories, of course).

In the end, I was able to say goodbye to my cherished items of yesterday, and make room for the new, fabulous frocks that are sure to come. To some, clothing may be nothing more than material possessions. But for all of us clothes hounds who use fashion as a tool for self- expression, cleaning out the closet can be symbolic of something greater.

Moving gave me the chance to pay homage to the history of wonderful memories I’ve had wearing my favorite pieces, and the chance to start fresh for the exciting changes to come.

Happy Cleaning…if there is such a thing:)

~ Caitlin

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