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Mother’s Day Tips from a Young Daddy

5.04.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

We’d like to introduce Adam Jude, our founder’s husband and wonderful dad to their two kids Piper and Grady. Adam has enjoyed the stylings of Tog + Porter long before the company was formed. Ashley started making wardrobe recommendations soon after they met in 1997. By 2005, she was helping him pick out a wedding tie. And now they have two little ones to dress several times a day, virtually after every messy meal they tell us.  Adam is a sportswriter and pretty creative guy so we asked him to share how he plans to celebrate Mother’s Day . . .

I am imagining their mini fingerprints stamped everywhere. On the white walls. On the floor. On my clothes. On each other. Sounds like the greatest Mother’s Day ever, right?  I hope so. At some point this weekend, I would like to get two thumb prints – one of my 3-year-old daughter, Piper, and the other of my 1-year-old monkeychild son, Grady – placed neatly in the middle of a 5-by-7 piece of paper, which I’ll add to and then frame as part of my wife’s Mother’s Day gifts. (See the inspiration for the idea here )

Not sure I have ever been this excited for a Mother’s Day. Probably since I have two great kids with whom to share the enthusiasm. At 3, Piper is really able to grasp the concept of these sorts of things, and creating something special for Mommy should be fun. That Piper loves arts and crafts will definitely help. When she’s not coming up with the best one-liners – recently, all in one breath: “Did you know the sun is a star? And, do you get wedgies?” – she’s usually at her little table, wanting to color or cut or glitter or glue something. Grady’s getting into it, too, though he is much better at rambunctiously sneaking away from the table with certain items. “Where’s the (insert color here) marker?” is a common question of Piper’s lately. (I’m pretty sure we could support an entire Kindergarten class with the forgotten art supplies under the couch. I’m afraid to look.) So, yes, I’m hopeful that the framed thumb prints are a hit on Mother’s Day.

A few other items I’m hoping to get together:

1. Message to Mommy– I’m constantly shooting short videos of the kids with my iPhone. I’ll try to get them to sit down for a short and sweet (emphasis on sweet) message to Mommy. Maybe we’ll come up with a goofy song and dance. Piper can sing; Grady can dance; Daddy will pretend he can do both.

2. Record Your Voices– A similar gift that I’d recommend: Grandma recently purchased a Hallmark recordable storybook for Piper to recite and record. Turned out really well. Adorable,* really. Here’s Piper’s version and here are details. (*I’m a guy — I don’t use the word lightly. Seriously adorable.)

3. Two words: Silhouette Chalkboard– Boom. I guarantee that Mom will be impressed, even if she finds out that I inevitably ended up calling Grandma to do most of the work on this one.

4. Flowers Of course. Something colorful, fun.

5. Bath Time By herself. With candles and smelly girly things that invite an uber relaxed atmosphere – something befitting an amazing mom. (Memo to Ashley: An uber relaxed atmosphere does not include your iPhone. I will hide it. Under the couch if I have to.)


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