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How to Mix Patterns

One of the quickest and easiest ways to look stylish is to mix patterns. It immediately gives you that “fashionista” look that other people assume is difficult to pull off, when in fact its not difficult at all!

print mixing

Mixing prints is all about tricking the eye. Follow these two rules and you can’t go wrong:

1. One way to mix patterns is to combine like colors. For example, in the top image, the girl has paired two different florals, however the color family is similar. When you combine different patterns in the same color family, the eye reads them as one continuous outfit. It’s the most fool proof method, and it looks oh so chic.

2. The other way to combine prints is to use the micro and macro rule, combine a small print with a big one. This allows the eye to read the two prints separately, and stops you from looks like you’re wearing some sort of crazy patterned suit. The woman in the bottom left of the picture above has done this perfectly, she paired a leopard clutch (micro print) with a macro print skirt. It works every time, and the patterns don’t necessarily need to be in the same color family.

print mixing 2

Try pairing a delicate floral blouse with a bold polka dot skirt. If you are feeling extra bold, throw in a pair of pumps with a dash of leopard. Leopard’s a neutral, right?  The result= fabulous.

Need help mixing your patterns? A talented Tog + Porter stylist is here to help.

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