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Meet Tog & Porter's newest superstar!

9.18.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Hello,T&P Ladies! My name is Caitlin and I’m thrilled to join the T&P team as VP of Products. Quite simply, my job is to make you look goooood. I scour the retail world to find the best fitting and most flattering clothes for women of all ages, sizes and budgets.

Since an early age, I’ve used fashion as a way to express myself. From dressing like a 20’s era newsie to wearing sky high platforms and pleather pants, I’ve definitely tested the waters of personal style. I’m eager to give T&P clients a fresh perspective on fashion, and help them develop an aesthetic that’s both practical and polished (don’t worry, pleather not required). Women should be inspired when they look in the mirror; it’s my goal to find products that help our clients feel more confident and less stressed, so that they can conquer the day with some panache.

I plan on introducing some diversity to the mix of designers Tog & Porter carries, including a broader range of brand names, price points and styles for every type of woman. I’ll give a boost to the selection of professional wear we offer while still providing a great balance of function and flair.

I’m passionate about the Tog & Porter  model because I believe it’s a smart, efficient tool for women who need a little help in the fashion department. Not every woman likes to shop, but that doesn’t mean their appearance needs to suffer. Fortunately for you, I LOVE to shop, and it gives me great joy to be able to help women feel better about themselves and find their inner style.

It’s a pleasure to be part of the club. Now let’s get stylish.


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