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Maximizing Closet Space

4.27.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie T+P Blog Central

For most of us, closet space is always an issue, especially for those of us big city dwellers. There’s never enough space. If the image below has ever crossed your mind, be sure and read on.

image via Lolapr

1. Check your hangers.

While wooden hangers spaced out 1″ apart look fab, the reality is they take up a lot of space, you can fit almost double in your closet by using huggable hangers. They’re thin and compact and covered in a velvety finish that keeps your clothes from slipping off the hanger. Big fans. For skirts and trousers they sell detachable finger clips.

images via TheContainerStore

2. Cascade Away

If you’re really looking to add more space, use these cascading hooks.

image via TheContainerStore

3. Multipurpose
Hanging sweater bags can be used for more than just sweaters, use them to store handbags and shoes too. Remember when putting shoes in them, put one shoe facing forward and one backwards, you can fit up to 3 pairs this way.

 image via TheContainerStore

4. Back of the Door
Take advantage of this space if you can. Hang a shoe rack or hooks for purses and accessories.

 image via Lenehunnybunny

5. Divide and Conquer
You wouldn’t think it but these little puppies really help keep things contained and tidy.

image via TheContainerStore

Let us know how you keep a handle on your closet in the comments below.

12 Responses to “Maximizing Closet Space”
  • Nina

    I like the shoe rack especially but would have a hard time filling it with high heels like that! What do you do with flats?

    • 04.27.2012

      Hey Nina!

      Thanks for stopping in. We like that shoe rack too, I especially like how they color coordinated the shoes. To answer your question, I think the rack works just as well for flats. It’s a little hard to see, but if you look down at the bottom of the image, they have a few pairs of flats on there as well. I guess the colorful heels make for a more interesting picture though. : )

      • 04.27.2012

        I have that shoe rack and an obsession with ballet flats. I’d say 75% of mine is filled with ballets and one row is just J. Crew Capri sandals in diff colors. They all stay put 🙂

        I usually keep heels and wedges in boxes or shoe bags, and boots well, with boots I am always trying something new.

        • 04.27.2012

          Hey Alexandra!

          Thanks for stopping in. I’m envisioning a rack filled with ballet flats and J.Crew Capri sandals and it sounds marvelous. Boots are tricky, I’m always struggling with those too. I’ve bought many versions of boot shapers and have not liked any. Currently I just stuff with packing paper and store in my coat closet. It is annoying having to pull out the paper every time I wear them.

  • 04.27.2012

    Even though I have multiple closets right now (I know, I know, throw something at me, BUT I was a city dweller once too!) I still struggle with this! Maybe even more so because I have the extra room. The other tip I would add is to purge, purge, purge – give those old sweats away! I try to be very strict with myself about things I don’t wear anymore, and have had lots of fun selling these older treasures on Ebay!


    PS- When I was a city dweller, my secret was having a winter closet and a summer closet. When the seasons changed I moved everything into a big bin under my bed!

    • 04.27.2012

      Multiple closets? Not going to lie, feeling a little envy right now. Ha Ha! Thanks for sharing your tips Shannon. I like the under the bed bin idea. Sounds like a good weekend project.

  • 04.27.2012

    I’m constantly purging clothes, but always find myself buried under a pile of mismatched shoes! Love the shoe rack. I think I know what I’m hunting down this weekend.

  • Julie C

    Those hangers are the best!!

  • Camilla

    This just gave me the inspiration I needed to reorganize my closet (and my daughters too!). On my way out now to purchase those amazing huggable hangers.

  • Chris

    Thanks for some great and very easy to implement ideas!

  • Yogini

    Fabulous tips! Thanks to the wonderful ladies at T+P, you are my dream team!

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