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Maxi Fever

5.11.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear, Inspiration

I have caught a serious case of maxi dress fever! I love the idea of one piece of clothing being your entire outfit – amazing!

Altough I must admit, at first I was hesitant about the long dresses. I thought they wouldn’t look good on women with a figure. However, after recently purchasing my second maxi, I am hooked! Here is a look at some of my favorite maxi dresses coming through the Tog + Porter office lately.

I love this tie dye maxi by Splendid. Perfect for a relaxing weekend.

Sometimes maxi dresses can give off too casual a vibe. I like the top on this one because you could wear it for a dressier occasion. Perfect for an evening wedding!

Tropical vacation, anyone? This would most definitely be a staple IF (keyword) I were going on any awesome vacations this summer!

Stripes + Maxi Dress = Perfection.

So, moral of the story is don’t be afraid to step out of your style box and try one of these amazing dresses! You will be delightfully surprised!

3 Responses to “Maxi Fever”
  • Elissa

    I love the black maxi with the sleeves. Who makes it?

  • Whitney

    I love that dress too! It is Bordeaux. (www.bordx.com)

  • Jennifer

    +1 on the black dress w/ sleeves. Dislike the heels with the maxi dress in the last pic. I think I prefer flat sandals.

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