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How Not to Look Like a Tourist

7.30.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah Inspiration, Style Guide, T+P Blog Central

Tis the season for summer vacations. For some lucky T+P gals, this means going somewhere they’ve never been before- it means being a tourist. Now, taking into account that socks and Birkenstock are actually trendy at the moment, here are our stylist’s tips on how not to look like a tourist when traveling abroad. travel

1. Do your research. Where are you going? What is the climate in that region? We’re not saying you have to totally blend in per-say, but if your are traveling to Morocco for example, then be sure to pack lots of linens and cottons in lovely, muted desert tones.

what to pack for travel

2. Avoid wrinkles. It’s pretty hard to pack wrinkle free fabrics for summer (when you want to be wearing breathable, natural fibers), so pack a portable steamer. It takes 5 minutes and you won’t look like you’re living out of a suit case.

3. Get a clip on lens. If you are an expert photographer, then ignore this step. For the rest of us, lugging a big digital camera around that we barely know how to use? No fun. Get a clip on lens for your smart phone and take beautiful pics of your travels. The best part, you can send them out immediately, no uploading necessary.

iphone clip on lens

4. Don’t over pack. Lugging around a giant suitcase is a burden, as is trying to sort through it. Try and pack as light as possible.

5. Plan your outfits. Make it easy on yourself and plan out a few looks. Lay out your planned looks on the bed and take photos to reference later. In fact, our Tog+Porter stylists are amazing at helping you plan your vacation looks, so if you need extra help, don’t hesitate to ask!

what to pack for travel what to pack for travel

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