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Keeping Cool in Office Wear

One of the most difficult parts of summer dressing is office wear. While not all of us can get away with wearing shorts to work, there are some alternatives to help you stay cool at the office. Our best advice is to stick to breathable, natural fabrics. Linens and cottons work bet in warm weather, as they readily absorb sweat and allow your skin to breath. Avoid silks ( the dreaded “pit-stains” scenario), synthetics, and most wools. If you live in a really warm and humid climate, try rotating your work wear bi-annually: wools pant and skirts with silk shirts in winter, linen and cotton tops and bottoms in summer A cotton tank with a super light weight, linen cardigan, for example, is a great hot weather option. Also, we know linen has a tendency to wrinkle… try carrying a portable steamer in your bag if you need to sharpen up after the work day.

Here’s some great summer office wear looks, to get you inspired:

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